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“Your Financial Business is Our Business”

CFO- Controller – Financial Business Management

Your Business is My Business  – Professional expertise from your CFO with over 15 years managerial experience in the Corporate Accounting Field.  I provide accounting and business management services for a variety of companies, with a strong focus on providing strategic direction of cash management and business operations from a financial perspective. Field work including but not limited to general bookkeeping, general ledger work, financial statement preparation, sales tax submissions and calculations, payroll processing, Human Resource services, W2, 1094/1095, and 1099 preparations, internal audits, expense analysis, budgeting, forecasting, recruiting, and more.  All work is confidential.

At Mandrell’s, we:

  • Analyze, monitor, and present results of business and financial operations, including spending, and identify potential problems and recommend actionable solutions to improve performance.

  • Design, establish and administer an integrated financial reporting system with appropriate internal controls to ensure that proper accounting controls are in place to mitigate the risk of embezzlement and theft. These responsibilities include the management of inventory systems as well as financial records.

  • Oversee cash flow planning and ensure availability of funds as needed.

  • Provide proactive internal audits, periodic internal reviews of policies, procedures and systems, comparing them with best practices. Develop and/or Implement approved financial policies and procedures, SOPs as needed.

  • Oversee all bookkeeping and financial reporting functions whether working with an internal bookkeeper, external accountant, or billing and collections vendors or providing the bookkeeping services. Oversee the processing of invoices to ensure the accurate and timely payment of all vendors and subcontractors in accordance with contracts and budgets, and ensure that real property is protected. Monitor accounts receivable aging and analyze turn of collections.

  • Calculate the impact of proposed initiatives, expenditures, and/or policy changes on the organization and serve as a strong voice in risk assessment on project funding, allocations and ability to meet goals/outcomes given financial health throughout project life cycle.

  • In collaboration with key staff, design, implement, and maintain a budgeting process that is realistic and helpful to managing related entities at the project levels. Provide user-friendly financial management reporting tools that can be used for both planning and tracking budgets.

  • Collaborate with business partners to assess, create and implement innovative solutions that impact long-range planning, introducing new programs and strategies to improve business functions. Negotiates and develops relationships with third parties as needed. Acts as a liaison between the organization and banking institutions and insurance brokers, outside advisors (e.g., CPA). Experience in negotiating general business contracts. Evaluate new opportunities and provide input into purchase and sale agreements, operating agreements, management agreements.

  • Administer various human resource plans and procedures, prepare and maintain the employee handbook and create other policies and procedures as needed. Conduct employee relations counseling, exit interviews and monitoring trends in attrition.  Process payroll, handle all tax deposit and reporting requirements, analyze the cost of labor, facilitate and manage garnishments to ensure compliance of state and federal regulations.

  • Provide recommendations and subject matter expertise to the Leadership Team on HR topics (employment, staffing, performance management, staff development, compensation, promotions, reward and recognition, employee relations). Establish credibility throughout the organization with management and employees to be an effective listener and problem solver of people issues if there is a history of problematic employee relations.  Develop organizational culture. Maintain and/or administer employee benefits.

  • Provide recruiting support for all company positions as well as developing recruiting strategy for current and future vacancies. Facilitate new employee orientation, onboarding, and new hire paperwork to include various training if desired.

  • Our team has vast knowledge across multiple accounting softwares, CRMs and payroll systems. Our current primary day to day expertise includes: QuickBooks (desktop & online versions), Quicken Desktop, BuilderTrend, MarkSystems, Field Edge, ESC, CoAdvantage, Paychex, Asana, Harvest, full Microsoft & Google Suites. Along with previous experience with many other longstanding softwares such as NetSuite, Oracle, Peachtree, etc.