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Listing of Our Services

CFO Services:

At Mandrell’s, we analyze department efficiency in order to maximize revenues and slice expenses.  We can create custom budgets and forecasts, and analyze not only where you are going but how you want to get there – with a measurable financial road map and report card. We collaborate with business partners to create and implement innovative solutions to prioritize your bottom line – including but not limited to negotiating business contracts, seeing to  banking needs, working with insurance brokers, creating operating agreements, and negotiating merchant services.  We have a wide range of contacts ready to earn your business and give you the most value for every dollar.  

Do you already have an established accounting department?  When was the last time you reviewed your internal processes to ensure that proper accounting controls are in place to mitigate the risk of embezzlement and theft?  These financial controls should include proper management of inventory systems as well as financial records.  Reviewing business operations is the best way to find actionable solutions to improve overall business performance.  We also explore ways that can turn your fixed departmental expenses into income generating departments.


We offer a variety of levels among our bookkeeping and financial reporting services, whether working with an internal office assistant, external accountant, billing/collection vendors,  or providing all bookkeeping functions.  Bank reconciliations, credit card reconciliations, financial statements, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll processing, preparation and submission for a variety of tax forms (1099, W2, 1094, 941, 940, RCT-6, etc) are just an example of the many services we can provide.

Our goal is to provide a level of backend efficiency so that you can focus on running and growing your business, with the confidence that your financial records are in excellent condition.  


At Mandrell’s, we firmly believe that all internal policies and procedures should be reviewed periodically.  We are in an age of constantly changing technology and assets, that can help or hinder overall objectives of efficiency, profitability and risk mitigation.  We provide a variety of periodic , proactive internal reviews of policies, procedures and systems, comparing them with industry best practices.  We review controls and make recommendations to mitigate the risk of loss in a variety of areas.  Results of such reviews often lead to improved financial policies and procedures, that not only benefit the bottom line but also reduces the exposure to loss.

Payroll Services:

Paying your employees timely, consistently, as well as following legal timelines can be a bit intimidating or just plain time consuming.  Let Mandrell’s work with you to find the best method for processing your payroll at the best cost.  Whether we process your payroll, make your tax deposits and file your payroll tax returns, or whether we implement a cost effective payroll service, or maximize a service you already have, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your employees will be paid on time, every time, and your tax liabilities will be take care of without your worry. Employees have garnishments and you are not sure how to handle them? No problem, let Mandrell’s handle it!  

HR Services:

Your employees are one of your biggest assets, but can also be one of the most challenging to deal with.  Recruiting, onboarding, state and federal regulations can be time consuming and overwhelming.  At Mandrell’s, we can provide recruiting support for all company positions, a recruiting strategy for future positions, facilitate new employee orientation, onboarding, new hire paperwork, develop or administer employee benefits and develop your organizational culture.  A new generation of workforce is taking over, and companies need to know what is relevant to attracting and keeping the best talent of this new generation.  Competitive, out of the box culture and benefits packages are the key to attracting and retaining the best employees for whatever your area of business.   We also provide recommendations and subject matter expertise to the leadership team regarding performance management, staff development, and employee relations – redefining organizational culture if necessary.

Sales & Payroll Tax:

Submitting sales, use and payroll taxes timely and accurately is vitally important to avoid costly fines, audits and sanctions that impact your ability to continue operating your business.  Let Mandrell’s help you calculate and submit returns or deposits for each of these items, whether you are a monthly/quarterly/annual filer or if you are a semi-weekly depositor- Mandrell’s can help!

Making purchases online? Love that sometimes you are not paying sales tax on items shipping to you from out of state? Unfortunately, many business owners are unaware that if you are using the items in your business operations, it is still your responsibility to report and remit use tax.  Do not be caught unaware, make sure to call Mandrell’s to see how we can help.

Staff Training & Development:

Does your staff know enough just to get by, or do they really understand what they are doing?  Are there efficiencies being left on the table, or worry of things falling through the cracks, because your accounting or HR department does things just, “the way it has always been done?”  If so, let Mandrell’s make sure your staff is properly equipped with training and knowledge to move forward confidently and efficiently.  Promoting from within is always great for internal moral, but sometimes the knowledge foundation is not there, Mandrell’s can help you take your accounting or HR staff to the next level.

CASH Management:

Cash…the essence of all business operations.  Bringing it in, covering your costs, filling the piggy bank, everything in business revolves in some form around cash.  Are you actively monitoring your bank account, wondering if payroll is going to clear, or hoping for some cushion to be able to pay your vendors?  Let Mandrell’s help implement user-friendly financial management tools that can be used for creating and maintaining realistic budgets, never having to worry about making sure your checks clear.  Maybe you have plenty of cash, but are you maximizing it, making it work for you within your own operations? Do you have a user-friendly cash report so that you always know where you stand? Do you know how many days it takes to  collect from your customers? How long you are having to juggle your vendors before you pay them?  At Mandrell’s, we specialize in finding ways to show our clients how they can be ‘in the know’ regarding their cash, and are properly equipped to make operational decisions.